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LED downlights

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LED downlight is hot selling products in our factory this season, Producing LED downlights, large quantity, high quality, great performance

"DOE Caliper Snapshot results on the current efficacy of LED downlights versus other luminaire types.

There is no apparent sure reason why SSL manufacturers aren’t delivering commensurate efficacy gains relative to the broad LED lighting sector. The DOE has suggested that downlights were the first indoor sector in which LED sources were quick to surpass legacy sources in light output and quality based on the directional nature of the sources and the application. And manufacturers have likely focused more on cost reduction than on pushing efficacy.

But the DOE did voice concerns that go beyond a missed opportunity to conserve energy. The report pointed out that improved efficacy in LED sources can simplify thermal management, which in turns enables more flexibility in design and form factor. Those factors can potentially result in cost reduction as well.

The good news in the downlight sector is that the DOE says there are designs for most every whim of a lighting designer/specifier in terms of size, look, and style. There are 4633 LED downlights in the Lighting Facts database. The DOE report states that there are a higher percentage of products with a CRI over 90 in the downlight sector than any other sector covered by Lighting Facts. And 96% of the products have a CRI over 80.

The DOE has issued a number of such Snapshot reports in recent years, including a report on troffers early this year. And there was a Snapshot report focused on outdoor area lighting last fall. You can view the complete report on the DOE SSL website."

-from LEDs Magazine