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Two Things affect the LED Lighting Fixture lifespan


Nowadays modern industry develops rapidly. On one side it promotes the developing of the economic and brings lots of production. On the other side environment became worsen day by day. Therefore, how to make full use of energy and exploit its utility to the full has become a most important issue. Just because of this reason, LED Lighting Fixtures has already walked into tens of thousands of households. Depending on the feature of long life time and energy efficiency, it is greatly promoted by users.

Among so many specifications of LED Light, life time specification is the most representative and concerned index. However, in the buckish times, many people only go after a longer life time but ignore the different kinds of factors which influence its life time and interactions between them. Based on this condition, we specially point out corresponding measures to make LED Lighting Fixtures have longer life time.


First of all, heat dissipation. LED is afraid of hot condition. The higher the Working Temperature is, the shorter the lifetime of LED is, whereas, the lifetime is longer. The ideal working temperature of LED is about -30 to 50°C. In order to guarantee LED can work normally in any condition, its radiator must be as good as enough. Besides, reasonably protect it during use so as to give full play to using effect.


Next is LED driver. Actually, LED driver directly effects the life time of fixture. In other words, LED driver is a key component of fixture. At present, our company is mainly applied to the LED driver from Meanwell, which is famous for high quality power supply. Even though it is out of order someday, it’s very easy to change in few seconds.

In addition, if the supply power increases suddenly, some water enters into the internal of fixture or the quality of components are not very good, it would also shorten the life time of LED Lighting Fixtures.