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US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the Energy Star Buld V2.1 approval specification

Rencently, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the Energy Star Buld V2.1 approval specification, the new release of the ENERGY STAR approved the 2.1 version of the official effective date, that V2.0 version of the expiry date is October 1, 2017. By October 1, 2017, ENERGY STAR product certification can still be made with reference to V2.0.

Energy Star, a voluntary energy conservation program led by the US Environmental Protection Agency. At present, there are seven countries and regions in the world to participate in the US Environmental Protection Agency to promote the energy star program, respectively, the United States, Canada, Japan, China Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union. These countries and regions, ENERGY STAR logo has a very high market acceptance in the US market energy star market recognition as high as 85%. The program currently includes energy efficiency product certification, energy efficient home planning, energy efficiency new home program and building and plant energy efficiency planning. One energy efficiency product certification is divided into the earliest from the beginning of electronic products, and gradually extended to home appliances, lighting equipment, construction products. The current coverage of electronics, home appliances, lamps and fans, office equipment, refrigeration and heating equipment, water heaters, construction products, eight categories of products, a total of nearly 40 kinds of products.

Lighting product certification is an important part of the Energy Star project, the main range for the general lighting of solid-state lighting products, including a significant lighting function of decorative products, both for commercial areas of products, but also for residential products. Which V1.1 standard in February 1, 2009 came into effect, in January 2017 standard V2.0 has replaced the original V1.1 standard, June EPA has released the energy star light bulb V2.1 standard, the new standard will be October 1, 2017 officially replaced the V2.0 standard. This update does not require re-certification for V2.0 certified products.

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In view of this, inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant export enterprises:

First, we must keep abreast of the United States Energy Star on the lighting product certification requirements of the specific requirements, in particular, to strengthen the standard update information learning, pay more attention to the latest US official website trends, good use of domestic governments and agencies of the information platform, Master the relevant regional and national information, and timely communication with foreign customers, from product design, raw material procurement, assembly production, packaging information and other sectors to ensure that products meet the new ENERGY STAR approved regulations. 

Second, in advance to assess the product requirements in accordance with regulatory requirements in the selection of raw materials suppliers to be careful, new products, new materials must be commissioned by professional testing organizations on the product's energy efficiency level of special testing to avoid unnecessary follow-up disputes and losses. 

Third, careful study of foreign recall of various types of products and their quality problems, learn by analogy, grasp the key aspects of energy efficiency requirements, blind pursuit of low-cost benefits into focus on the product itself, to enhance the energy efficiency of the product control.

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