320w grow light bar

The Samsung LM301H / EVO 320W LED Grow Light offers a range of benefits for indoor plant cultivation. With its high power output and optimized light spectrum, it ensures vigorous plant growth and maximizes yields. The full spectrum design covers all growth stages, from vegetative to flowering, providing the ideal light wavelengths for each phase. This energy-efficient grow light consumes less power while delivering impressive brightness, resulting in cost savings. It’s compact size and easy installation make it suitable for various indoor setups. Additionally, the 320W LED Grow Light’s efficient cooling system keeps temperatures in check, promoting a healthy environment for plants. Experience the advantages of this advanced grow light, and enjoy thriving and productive indoor gardens.

Size: 590*550*76mm

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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    * Balanced PPFD Map, with no hot spots in the middle and no drop on the sides.
    * Take care of edge area's cultivation and maximize yield.

    * Care For Every Plant!!!

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    High Performance, High Yields 320W LED grow light
    (1) Bar lighting design creates an even distribution of light to the canopy.
    (2) 4-sided light emitting, More Uniform Photon, take care of outer edges cultivation areas, increase yields up to 30-60%.
    (3) Smaller package, save 30% shipping cost, lower Maintenance cost for replacement.
    (4) UV IR independent control, meet special requirement of light during different stages of growth cycle

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    Maintaining a balanced PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) is important for growing plants. PPFD refers to the amount of light that reaches a surface and is measured in micro-moles per square meter per second (µmol/m²/s). Having a balanced PPFD ensures that the plants receive the right amount of light for optimal growth and development. Too little light can result in slow or stunted growth, while too much light can lead to damage or stress to the plants. By controlling the PPFD levels, growers can fine-tune the light intensity and spectrum to meet the specific needs of their growth plants. This can improve the growth and yield of the plants, as well as enhance the quality and potency of the final product.

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    Product Parameters
    1, Optimized spectrum engineered and tested by growers for a kind of medicinal plant production
    2, Engineered to maximize photosynthesis, growth, flowering, and yield
    3, Up to 2.5 gram/watt produced yield(dried)
    4, Best spread and equal light pattern in the market
    5, Cool operating temperature results in less HVAC usage
    6, Folding design of the led grow lights, easy to transport and easy to install
    7, Dimmable 0/10V & External Controller of RJ14, Dimming standalone / daisy chain possible

    8,Dimming alone, uv, ir separately control ,Equal PPFD ,Balanced PPFD is more beneficial to the balanced growth of plants

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    Power 320W
    Size 590*590*76mm 
    Efficacy 2.8 umol/J
    LED Chipset Samsung lm301H/ EVO/ lm301B/ lm281B for option
    LED driver Top quality Meanwell driver / Inventronics driver
    Full spectrum 3000K&5000K+660nm+730nm(IR)+395nm(UV)
    Dimmable 0-10V dimming
    Smart control RJ14 smart controller
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    √  UV IR independent control
      --UV IR separate control can meet special requirement of light during different stages of growth cycle

    √  0/10V Dimming by knob
     -To have the perfect light intensity during all stages of plant growth, easy dimming, makes it much simpler for cultivation.

    √  RJ14 for daisy chain connection optional
    Support external RJ14 controller, setting through APP by phone, environment temperature& humidity of greenhouse or grow tent can be monitored by the controller, Auto shutdown at Temp. setting. Power cord we provide not only can be used for the wall socket but for multiple grow light connection. Connect multiple lights together to keep the grow space organized and avoid the need for excessive wiring.

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    UV IR independent control

    UV IR separate control can meet special requirement of light during different stages of growth cycle

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    √  Saving money for transportation & Maintenance cost

    Bar Grow lights are a fantastic product, but they are big, and in this time of crazy transportation fees, it cuts your margin considerably. Abest lighting has the solution: detachable design will have small package and saving shipping cost, more safety for folding model.

    You do not need to worry about our after-sales service, very low maintenance cost for us, we will send you a replacement during warranty time.

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    √  Customize Plug Available

    NEMA-6-15P, Australia Plug, Europe Plug, NEMA-5-15P, UK BSI

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    √  Customize grow light

    We are factory, we have own hardware, we can do customize as your requirement, Logo, color, spectrum, led diodes, driver, size, structure, function, package

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