800w grow light bar

High Performance, High Yields 8+2 bar 800W LED grow light
(1) Bar lighting design creates an even distribution of light to the canopy.
(2) 4-sided light emitting, More Uniform Photon, take care of outer edges cultivation areas, increase yields up to 30-60%.
(3) Smaller package, save 30% shipping cost, lower Maintenance cost for replacement.
(4) UV IR independent control, meet special requirement of light during different stages of growth cycle

√ High uniform light, no hot spots in the middle and no drop on the sides.
√ Take care of edge area’s cultivation and maximize yield.
√ Care For Every Plant !!!

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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    ♥  Abest full Spectrum LED GROW LIGHT is suitable for every stage of indoor plants growth, germination, seedling, vegetation, flowering and fruit.
    ♥ Led grow lights are artificial light which can help people grow plants all the year round regardless of weather conditions by controlling and monitoring temperature, humidity, air flow, nutrition, CO2, etc. 

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    ♥ Detachable design makes the led grow light easy to ship and carry. This top new led grow light uses Samsung “white LED”

    lm301h and supplemental “red LEDs” with special red wavelengths such as “660nm deep-red LED” and “730nm far-red LED,” as well as UV(395nm), which cover the spectrum that cannot be thoroughly covered with white LED lighting, but is important to plant growth. LED grow light is ideal to replace traditional grow light, can save much electricity and get high yield. 

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    Product Data

    (1) The UV and IR Diodes are integrated in the PCB strip but still can be controlled separately, the main advantage is that your plants get an equal amount of UV/IR light instead of concentrated when you use separate bars.


    (2) Built-in 0-10VDC dimmable control on the luminaire to adjust between 0%-100%.



    Spectrum Samsung lm301h Full Spectrum uv ir LED Grow Lights
    Efficiency PPE 2.8 μmol/Joule
    Driver Inventronics
    Plug type 2 meter power cord with plug ( Plug available US/EU/UK/AU)
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Controls 0/10V Dimming by Stand-alone, Daisy Chain, and External Rj14 smart Controller Optional
    Light Distribution 120°
    Lifespan  >50,000H
    Operating Temperature -20/40°C
    Waterproof Damp
    Warranty 3 Years


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    White Light
    Boosts plants bloom, making flowers bigger and vivid
    Blue Light
    Promotes plant germination, increasing the growth rate of plants.
    Red Light (660nm)
    Yields more leaves and crops when combined with blue light.
    IR Light (730nm)
    Speeds up the Phytochrome conversion allowing plants to produce a greater yield.
    UV Light (395nm)
    Meet special requirements of light during different stages of plants growth cycle. Make plants grow better.
    (1) Increase the production of certain compounds.
    (2) Help stimulate plant growth and enhance the plant's natural defense.

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    √  0/10V Dimming
     -To have the perfect light intensity during all stages of plant growth, easy dimming, makes it much simplier for cultivation.
    √  RJ14 for daisy chain connection optional

    Support external RJ14 controller, setting through APP by phone, environment temperature& humidity of greenhouse or grow tent can be monitored by the controller, Auto shutdown at Temp. setting. Power cord we provide not only can be used for the wall socket but for multiple grow light connection. Connect multiple lights together to keep the grow space organized and avoid the need for excessive wiring.

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    growers best choice indoor plant led grow light 10 bar (800 watt) ir uv dimmable Samsung lm301b lm301h full spectrum grow lamp

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