Several Major Breakthroughs in Lighting Industry under Coronavirus

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“No winter will not pass, and no spring will not come. ” After reviewing and analyzing historical experience and the development of our country, it is not difficult to find that the coronavirus has negative impact on the lighting industry, meanwhile it also brings some opportunities.


The “Pneumonitis Diagnosis and Treatment Program for Novel Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 5)” states that the virus is sensitive to ultraviolet light. Compared with chemical sterilization, UV light has the advantage of high sterilization efficiency, and inactivation is generally completed within a few seconds and does not produce other chemical pollutants.

Therefore, the demand for ultraviolet lamps is huge by medical institutions in this epidemic. These professional ultraviolet sterilization lamps can not only eliminate the virus in the hospital room but also greatly reduce nurses’ job of daily disinfection, allowing nurses to set aside more time to take care of patients.

In this regard, lighting industry experts believe that we can take advantage of the important role of ultraviolet germicidal lamps in this epidemic, guide consumers to pay attention to healthy lighting and enhance the role and status of healthy lighting among ordinary consumers; Enterprises should also attach the importance to research, development, and promotion of indoor healthy lighting, and provide some positive strategies for adversity after the epidemic.02

At the same time, the epidemic is globalized, many foreign volcanic hospitals are being built now as isolation points around the world. The lighting industry is a bit trendy.

In a word, although the impact of this epidemic on the manufacturing industry is not as severe as that of the service industry, it is undoubtedly that it’s also a comprehensive test of management, operation capabilities and other abilities for lighting manufacturers.

Review and Outlook

Affected by international trade situation, macroeconomic situation and the development of the industry itself, the lighting industry has entered a stable development period in recent years from the rapid development period in previous years, and the entire industry is also facing deep integration under the squeeze of this disadvantaged situation.


At present, the scale advantage of China’s lighting industry cannot be shaken, and its manufacturing status is irreplaceable. The extensive impact of the novel coronavirus on the global economy has also made the world recognize China’s important role in the global industry chain. The goal of lighting industry is not to be bigger, but to be stronger. Enterprises focused on lighting quantities in the past years, but now they value quality development. General lighting manufacturers should pay more attention to other subdivisions while maintaining their advantages, like intelligence, health, automotive industry, agriculture, off-grid, rail transportation, stadiums, commercial subdivisions, multifunctional light poles, etc.


Under the complicated development pattern of the international trade situation, severe macroeconomic situation and the industrial reformation, coupled with the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus, relevant manufacturers are facing unprecedented difficulties. However, in the final analysis, lighting products with attributes that are just needed, the epidemic will eventually pass, it will lag demand, but it will not eliminate demand.

Smart lighting and healthy lighting provide our industry with more added value and imagination. In this case, it also requires all lighting manufacturers to be clear about their position in the lighting industry and focus on their main business; return to rationality and expand cautiously; let go of anxiety and are willing to accept change. The most important thing is to survive the disadvantaged situation. Today is difficult, tomorrow is even harder, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but the key is to survive through tomorrow’s light.

Stay strong China, Stay strong the world!!!

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