• What is LED tri proof light?

    What is LED tri proof light?

    Generally speaking, LED triproof light means: waterproof, dust proof, moistureproof. Use special anti-oxidation materials and silicone seals to achieve the protection requirements of the lamps. LED tri-proof lights can save much energy. It belongs to the DC drive and consumes very low power. Unde...
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  • How to solve the technical problems of Tri-proof LED light

    For the solution of Led triproof light technical problems, many people think that it is relatively simple. In fact, the following four aspects are the most convincing and authoritative practical proof to really solve the technical problems of triproof LED lamps. First of all, high light efficienc...
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  • The “new darling” of LED lighting companies in the industrial lighting field

    Tobacco factories are basically state-owned enterprises, and the participation of the owners is very high. It is very decisive for which brand of lamps to choose. The total investment in lighting design generally accounts for 1% to 3% of new projects, and lighting renovation projects account for ...
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    >>LED linear high bay light mainly used for industrial areas, just as factory, warehouse, workshop, supermarket, shopping mall, indoor stadium, indoor parking lot, etc. >>It adopts the architecture-grade i-beam design, the drive channel is separated from the led, and the performance...
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  • Notice Back to work after the national holiday

    To celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, according to the national statutory holidays, our company had a 6-day holiday. The specific time for the holiday was 2019-10-01 to 2019-10-07. We come back to work as usual on October 8. Business time: 09:...
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  • Low Bay or High Bay ? What’s Right For Your projects

    LED high bay light is a relatively good high-performance lamp, which has become the best choice for lighting energy-saving transformation in the lighting field of traditional large industrial plants. High bay light is closely related to industrial production. However, most people are still not cl...
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  • New Product Release! High-Quality Quantum Board LED Grow Light for the Indoor Planting Industry

    Welcome to Shenzhen Abest LED grow lights, YaiYan is our brand. The Quantum Board Grow Light is designed to provide high levels of PPFD ideal for indoor horticulture plants from peppers to medical plants. We customized the light spectrum to optimize plant growth and incr...
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  • Factory has Upgraded on 16th, September

    Factory has Upgraded on 16th, September

    We bought a PCB placement machine and reflow soldering machine for reducing the wasted time on the way to sent and received the PCB to other co-company. Also, an SMD placement staff who has more than 10 years of experience joined our team. Those are guaranteed our good productions. The installati...
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  • Brightness and energy-saving amazing! LED Linear High Bay lights lighting applied for industrial areas

    Brightness and energy-saving amazing! LED Linear High Bay lights lighting applied for industrial areas

    From factories to storage facilities to warehouses, if you have an industrial facility that needs to be well lit. Indeed in industrial settings, bright, always-on lighting is critical to the safety and performance of a building. Abest LED Lighting provides a cool, bright...
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  • Contact Us to Get More Info. of Hot Selling URG

    Contact Us to Get More Info. of Hot Selling URG

      Abest company hot selling item A2015   Series linear high bay tube lights by affordable factory price, we also can simulate DAILux free for your projects professionally. There are more length available, 600mm, 900mm,1200mm,1500mm. Item types URG<19 with the lens anti-glare and without ...
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  • LED Lights Tunable White for Industry – Facilitate production and improve quality

    The quality of sleep after a shift improves., by the biological effects of tunable White have a supportive effect during night work in particular. Fatigue, errors, and accidents are counteracted. Based on the latest scientific findings, the light colors and intensities of the artificial light fol...
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  • LED Tunable White lights in the nursing home

    LED Tunable White lights in the nursing home

    Depending on the activity, the light is spontaneously adapted to the activities in the recreation and meeting areas. The composition of light colors and intensities follows the natural course of daylight and thus supports physical processes. Emotional and biological aspects of light in balance, A...
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